Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post #1

My wife does it, my dog does it, my friends do it, your friends do it, your wife does it, but I don't..... The blog.

Well now I guess I do to.

So there I am this morning zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dreaming of TDG and how we are gonna terrorize the competetion, and leave them for dead in the Utah wilderness and all of the sudden... "Come on shake your body baby do that conga, I know you can't control yourself any longa". Ughhhhh, the alarm goes off. 5am. Why does the god of sleep hate me so bad? What have I done to be deprived of sleep for so many years?

Besides the alarm screaming in my ear today, I don't think I ever sleep. I am the guy anyone can call at 5am cause they know I will be up. I don't know why I use the alarm, I am normally awake before it. I think I am neurotic, and somehow think the one time I don't use the alarm I will sleep in and miss work! That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, believe me.

So we got TDG this weekend and I am flying to Vegas, the Shark is picking me up, and we are driving to Utah! Should be on the course for a preview about 3pm. I am not looking fwd to the first stage as it doesn't fit my strength, or should I say, I won't have the strength to drag myself up the Mt. Stage 2 and 3 will be a little different story though. Stage 4..TT um could go either way I guess, I hope it's flat. I love it when it is flat. I like everything flat, my roads, my pancakes, my books, my cd's, my beer...guiness, my woman....wait that's not true.. Anyway, we have our weapons for each stage and I think the Utah boys are going to come home empty handed once again. My prediction...... We sweep all four stages! Yep I said it! Not one to talk the trash per say but I think we are gonna smoke em!
Should be a really great weekend. From what the Shark tells me, we are all sleeping in one cabin right on the course. I hope it's a big cabin, with big door ways for Sponge Bob! Ha ha, jk Chicky, you, boss, freeze, (is he going?) and RS are gonna hit that climb so hard all the other fags are gonna wish they never heard of PT. With Balchasaurus, the Shark, Robocop, and the Fatman I think we got it all covered.
Mama and Papa will be there for support and good food, we are fielding a team for the 45+ I think with the Deciple and a couple others, and I think the girls will be racing as well. Wow!!! That's like 452 of us going from one team. Looks like people will be seeing red, blue, and yellow all weekend!
Squirrel out!


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