Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Conversation With Johan

A.S. Hey Johan I hear you are looking for a new job.

J.B. Yes

A.S. We got a team in Vegas that rides pretty well, in fact they put on a little show this past weekend that even your beloved Discovery Team could admire.

J.B. I'm sure dude, your funny, now get away from me.

A.S. No seriously, we line up our bikes all cool just like you guys in the tour.
J.B. You have to have matching bikes otherwise it's no good.
A.S. Yeah yeah yeah. We do, we do.

A.S. We can sit on the front and pull the peleton around all day if we want to.
J.B. No you can't your a bunch of old men. Only riders who dope can do that.
A. S. No not dope, just lots and lots of coffee and a big bowl of salad and a home cooked italian meal.

A.S. Seriously, we can do it man and you really need a job.
J.B. You are out of your mind.
A.S. Maybe a little, but that's beside the point. We can also take control of a race and put everyone else in O2 debt when commanded to do so by the boss.

J.B. Did we decrease security measures this year? How did you get in here?
A.S. What?
J.B. Ok, it sounds like you guys are pretty strong, but to make it in these days you need to have guys that can attack and blow the race appart as well.
A.S. Check it out!

J.B. I don't know man. Rabobank wants me to.

A.S. Who? Did you say Dopobank?

J.B. Very funny. Security!

A.S. Shit. I'm outta here! Damn.

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The Enforcer ! said...

I will not get draged into this Blog crap, but thats some funny shit. ...Oh ya Louie told me to tell you....Your Off The TEAM!!!!!