Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Second Coming

The date has been set. October 25th is when the job starts in Sin City! October 19th will be that last day of employment in NorCal. That will give just enough time to gather the wife and the dog and head out!
Looks good anyway you slice it doesn't it?
I'm comin home boys!!

I wonder if Chicken knows about these? He could have the time of his life for under $10!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post Op.

So..... the day after surgery. Can't do to much, Doc put me on voice rest for 4 days. Not like I have been talking much before the surgery but I am sure it will be yakity yak yak yak once the chords are in working order. Besides, I got alot of important shit to say. Or so I think.

So I figured I would write a little about my food consumption pre and post op. It's the same everytime...... Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before. Yeah yeah yeah.. that's fine I will just load until then. So this time it was starting at noon the day before:

    PRE OP
  • A package of salami
  • A box of triscuits
  • Three tacos
  • Nine more tacos
  • Two 7-ups
  • A quart of ice-cream (mmmmm cold stone cake batter w/brownies)
  • Two bottles of water

  • Venti vanilla soy latte iced
  • Footlong Sub Sandwich from Jersey Mikes
  • Nine Shrimp tacos.
  • 4 Banana twinkies
  • 2 cokes and 4 bottles of water

So pre op I was weighing in at a whopping 153lbs. Today I weighed in at 154lbs! Not to bad I guess. My guess is I will be down to 150lbs by next week now that the binging has subsided.

Note to Food Nazi: Don't worry my torso will be transparent by Boulevard!

Lastly, Boy.... If I had a nickle everytime someone asked me to do this... I'd have about 4 cents

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jackhammer Journey

So I have never race the Giro di SF before, and you know what....... I won't again. A 20 lap race through the city streets of SF. Normally a race in SF one would think lots of hills. Not so much really. There was one little hill about a block long, but it didn't take much out of you. What did take it out of me were the road conditions!! What is it about NorCal and shitty roads? Mclane Pacific...horrible roads, Tour de Nez.....horrible roads, and the Giro the worst roads I think I have ever ridden. Every corner I felt like I was a construction worker ripping up the road. Aside from the road conditions I do need to mention that Metromint did a great job in promoting and organizing. It was easy to see that this was one of the biggest races in NorCal. Just not good roads for a wuss like me. I have always prided myself in having the most under developed upper body a grown man could possibly have, but I could have used a little bulk in this one I think.
I felt ok (not great) for about two third of the race. I found the sweet spot about 10 wheels back or so. Right with Cap'n America and a few AMD guys. Perfect! This is where I need to be. Not alot of effort except when it came to the corners and what it felt like coming out of every corner. About two thirds in a crash sets me back a bit. Not to worry I could work my way back up. Wrong!! The pace seemed to quicken and I felt like I could barely hold the bars. Next lap around I see Popeye from Five Star coasting along. "Well...he must have gotten caught in the tangle". At this point (arms weak, hands numb) I start thinking about lunch!! Woo hoo! can't wait to eat! Wait, still racing.. Probably five to go and I am way to far back. Don't gas it now cause it's gonna take alot of juice to get to the front and I probably only got one shot. Ok, let just give a little. All of the sudden Phipps comes up the right side of me on the climb and I jump on but get squeezed out in the corner at the top. That's ok, moved up to about mid pack and still felt like I had a little gas. One last move on the last lap and I'll be where I need to. Coming up on one to go I move up the right side and am back in the mix and all of the sudden...... 3rd corner right at the base of the climb, two guys go down and I get shuffled to the back! Arghh! Of all the places! Didn't have the legs to get back to the front and just rolled it out!

Arms still feel a little like wet noodles today, but who cares! Season is over and now for the long slow miles. Build for next year!