Friday, August 31, 2007

Giro di SF

Well this will probably be the last peddal turned in anger for the season for me. I have heard it is fast,..very fast. I have checked the start list and lots of heavy hitters have all ready reg'd. I am sure I will see the others at registration come race day.
I've come close to the top step of the podium a couple times this year but the "W" still eludes me! I imagine this little event will be the last race for a few and all will be gunning for the line at warp speed. I am hoping my skinny sticks can give one giant kick to the end and smoke them all but it will be tough.
Rumor has it a little speed will be coming up from the southern desert for a stab at this NorCal scene as well. Ahhhhhhh an ali for the rodent! This could make things quite fun and could be a preview of whats to come in SoCal next year.
Actually we could see quite a bit of "help your buddy" as I am sure the Spine/Morgan Stanley merge will be evident and I would not be suprised to see a few of the bag boys working with others. Don't know what to expect from EMC as NP is leading the Cal Cup and probably won't even need to place. Could they set something up for AH or CB or even JO? So many variables. F' it. I am just gonna race my ass off and hope for the best!

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Ruby Bleu said...

Good luck this weekend!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby