Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Jason Bausch Interview

Once again Squirrel Droppings own roving reporter, Bernard Hinault,

was able to land another exclusive interview with one of SoCals top signings. With all the shake up's and line up changes Paul has signed the ever talented Jason Bausch to race for them next season.BH: Hi
JB: Uh.... Hi.
BH: What's your name?
JB: Jason.
BH: Ooooh ooooooh ooooooooh, my dad's name is Jason but all his friends call him Jay.
JB: My friends call me JB.
BH: Do you know Ceasar Milan?
JB: You mean the Dog Whisperer?
BH: Yeah, yeah. He can make a dog do anything he wants all he does is jab his fingers in the dogs neck and makes a "tst" sound with his mouth.
JB: Maybe we should try it on Thurlow.
BH: You can try that "tst" thing on the Chicken. I heard a girl once did it to him and made him, dance around the house in thong underwear while wearing rain boots and a snorkle and mask.
JB: What kind of interview is this?
BH: Oh.... it's about racing bikes. I just wanted to know if you knew him. I try to do that "tst" thing but it's hard for me cause I really don't have any lips.
JB: Um ok.
BH: Do you remember that part in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones was running out of that cave and the giant boulder was rolling after him?
JB: Yeah.... why?
BH: Oh cause the other SoCal teams kind of feel like Indiana did when the PT team is chasing them.
JB: That's a pretty good analogy for a dog dude.
BH: I'm gonna get neutered next week. Can you tell me what that means?
JB: There gonna cut your ball off! Run for the hills!
BH: Oh Snap! I wonder when the R&R team ultimately isn't successful if they will say the domestic cycling scene was neutered?
JB: Damn... another good analogy! What kinda dog are you?
BH: I am a French Bulldog. Are you as cool as this guy?

JB: No way!
BH: He kinda farts with his hands.
JB: That's way cooler than racing bikes!
BH: I know, I heard the Cuban has opted to practice hand farting, and blowing off his 2x20's.
JB: Can ya blame him? I think I'll do the same.

So there you have it. With the Cuban and JB changing sports and focusing their training time on hand farting one is only left to wonder the future of


B-Horn said...

Gee great, more fire power, like you guys needed it!

We might be down in LV next month, I will contact you before, it would be cool to get a few Canyon guys together with the P.T. machine, congrats, hope all is well.

Chicky said...

It would be nice to see you again Hornet....I need to gauge your fitness.......Chicky.

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