Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cats out of the bag!!

So I've been waiting for this post for what seems like forever. Seems me and Barnes made a little something back in the Cali days and thought we would bring it to Vegas and unleash on everyone in late June early July. Um............ now what? Start buying diapers? Start buying baby clothes? Look for a crib? Decide which room in the new house will be the baby's? Maybe the casita and the crying won't wake us....... no no no! Bad Dad. Ok wait, how much is this gonna cost? Toys, fruit snacks, ketchup (lots of ketchup kids like ketchup don't they?) piano lessons, football practice, dance recitals, after school detention.... it is my offspring after all, eating boogers.... it is also the offspring of Barnes.. ha ha, scraped knees, loose teeth, sippy cups, Barney? No not Barney, the kid will know who Phil Ligget is before Barney. I want a pony! Holy Crap! Are we ready for this? What's Bernard gonna think? Are we gonna be good parents? Is the kid gonna be smart, athletic, funny, healthy? I thought I had alot on my mind when we were relocating and transferring jobs. That was nothing compared to this.


Ruby Bleu said...

All I can say is congrats!!! And how happy I am for you both! Hopefully the rest will fall into place and if not, there is always the casita!!!

Michele and Ruby (who is missing Bernard a whole lot these days!!!)

Marilyn said...

This is great info to know.