Friday, January 18, 2008

He's Baaaaack!

Well there was talk of his return just after Interbike a couple of months ago but then the excitement fizzeled out as it seem an agreement was never reached. Wednesday an agreement was finally reached and the contract of Mario Cipollini will be signed with Rock Racing this Friday! First race.... TOC followed by an all out assault on the SoCal masters circuit. Squirrel Droppings Bernard Hinault
was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the Lion King after this incredible announcement.

BH: So, you race bikes?
MC: Yesssa. I race bicicletta many many year.
BH: Do you like fancy clothes?
MC: I have many many closets in mi housa. I love Rock and Repulic jeans. Michael Ball is a great designer and an exciting new team owner.
BH: Ooooooo you said balls. Have you seen how big mine are? I like to lick them, wanna try?
MC: How can you do that? I wish I could do that to myselfa.
BH: How do you think you will fair against the mighty masters teams of SoCal?
MC: Seriously, how do you do that?
BH: I'm a dog man.
MC: I am the Lion King, I will have no trouble with those silly teams of SoCal.
BH: I piss on the rug.
MC: What?
BH: What if the Paul Tracy lead out dropped you?
MC: I lova Paul Tracy he driva fast cars.
BH: No no no, I mean the PT cycling team?
MC: Oh yesa, I hava heard of this team. I know they are going to be a very dificult challenge for me and my team.
BH: Yesterday I tried to hump the cat 17 times.
MC: I once maka love 64 times in one day!
BH: I took a poop that was 64cm long.
MC: Touche!
BH: How do you feel about racing with Tyler H.
MC: I lova Tyler, he great cyclist. He beat cuban at silverman.
BH: Yeah but the cuban used his own blood.
MC: Blood Schmud. It was never proven. Tyler lova dogs and he great man.
BH: Tugboat was awesome!
MC: Do you like my fancy jeans?
BH: Have you heard of "the click"?
MC: What is this clicka?
BH: 12 to 11 Cipo, I thought you were a sprinter.
MC: Oh yesa except mine not a silly clicka, mine more of a BANG!
BH: Oh god.
MC: I have to go now I must find something to go with these jeans.
BH: OK. Thanks for the chat Cipo. Good luck likin you balls!

Well there it is cycling fans. With such icons as Cipo and Bernard in their respect fields. One an incredible cyclist the other and incredible jouralist you are sure to get a very candid interview!

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chicky said...

That was too funny Squirrel....I love your excusive interview with BH....He is my favorite!