Sunday, January 20, 2008

Climbing Nightmare

Why is it I can't climb? Currently I have lost a little fitness due to the cold I had at the beginning of the month. But even if I had not been sick and been able to train as I like, I still would make it up the climbs like a bag of wet cement.

Back in the day, I used to look forward to the climbs in a race. Yet back then I would always get dropped as I do now but at least I liked to climb. Now..... if the road tilts up more than 4% all systems shut down. First to go are the quads, next the knees, and then finally the lungs.

As we rode up the Nelsons Landing climb yesterday, the inevitable happend about a third of the way up......

Legs to Brain: We're running out of power must... slow.... down.....

Brain to Legs: Keep pushing everyone is still here, Christ the Wingman is on the front!

Legs to Brain: Nope, we've got no more to give. It's quitin' time.

Brain to Legs: SRM says we are still holding good watts, heart rate is ok. Keep pushing the peddals.

Legs to Brain: What part don't you understand? We don't care what he SRM is telling you, were done.

So I watched the team ride away and soon I couldn't see them anymore. Crap... about 6 miles to go on my own! The only thing worse than climbing is climbing alone.

But wait I think Magoo is still back there! Yes, I can see him coming up behind I'll just ride up with him. Wrong, as Magoo is carrying on a conversation with me he doesn't know I am getting farther and farther behind him. At first I tried to carry on the conversation I did ok, but soon enough I just stopped responding. What's the use I thought, I am practically yelling he is so far away! God I am pathetic!

Fast forward to the last 1/2 mile of the climb.

I can see the top. The team must have continued to the parking lot. Damn, that means I have about 9 miles to go on my own still. But wait.... coming down the climb toward me I see The Bully coming to get me.

Bully: All we ever do is help you sprinters. If we are not pulling you to the finish we are pushing you to the top.

At this point he puts his hand on my back and gives me a push. God I am pathetic.

A.S.: Don't.....wonder.....peddals....hungry.

Bully: Just a little help to give your legs a rest.


Bully: Almost there.

A.S.: Bikes....jmfut.....poop....skunk

Bully: You're not making much sense.

A.S.: Cents....monkey...outer space you could donkey cents.

At this point I blacked out. Luckly we were at the top and the whole team was waiting. I think someone offered me water, I could no longer feel my legs, and the next thing we are headed to the parking lot.

As I sat on the back (didn't pull once) the PT locomotive pulled all the remaining 9 miles of the ride. I did notice a couple of times though the watts on the SRM were giving favorable readings, so pride was restored. Didn't feel so pathetic when it was done.

Note to self: You're a sprinter, not a climber.

Here's the question. How did I get into that long winded story when all I wanted to do was post this pic of how my legs feel this morning?


Chicky said...

OMG! That was sick. Love the interviews. How about one with Chicky, I hear he is really good and Hot!

Chicky said...

I heard the same thing about Chicky. That guy is bad ass! Oh, and this isn't Chicky by the way.