Monday, September 22, 2008

Round three

There was pre-cancer, post cancer, and now post retirement. I, for one, am very excited about the return of Lance Armstrong. Lets be honest.... other than Floyd's testosterone induced attack in '06, the TDF has been relatively boring. No one attacks with any anger. No one can put any significant time on the peleton on a single climb. Lances attacks were so huge and he put so much time on his rivals it forced the others to attack to get time back. For the past couple of years it seemed the riders watched and waited for the action as much as the poor viewers! Lance made it exciting to get on the tube at 5am in July, now I just record it and watch it after work. Next July..... I will be up at 5am and this time somebody's gonna watch it with me!!


Jeff Moser said...

A captive audience you'll have. If she's not crawling and walking... You may need duct tape.

mMorin said...

priceless - should be exciting indeed - i'll even order cable tv for this years tour